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New Hobbies and Preventing Memory Loss

April 23 | KERA 90.1 FM

New Hobbies and Preventing Memory Loss

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August 19 | CVL News

Fall 2013 Science Luncheon Series

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October 30 | UTD News Center

Dr. Park honored during investiture ceremony

September 4 | CVL News

Center announces fall lecture series

August 30 | UTD News Center

Math ability requires crosstalk in the brain

August 20 | In Memoriam

Center remembers Burl Osborne

August 14 | KQED Public Radio

Memory and the aging brain

June 18 | Dallas Morning News

Funding aging-mind studies

May 11 | Alzheimer's Association

Dr. Kennedy named young research fellow

April 9 | Nature News Blog

Alzheimer’s diagnostic probe approved

April 8 | Wall Street Journal

Alzheimer diagnosis possible with scan

March 9 | In Memoriam

In loving memory of Sallie Asche

January 19 | Dallas Morning News

Alzheimer’s researcher to address local symposium

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November 21 | Chronicle of Higher Education

Aging brains create ‘scaffolds’ to shore up eroding abilities

November 18 | Men's Health

27 ways to power up your brain

October 11 | KERA Public Radio

Living longer and better

October 6 | Dallas Morning News

Donors aid UTD aging mind studies

September 30 | Dallas Business Journal

Facetime: UT-Dallas’ Denise Park

September 5 | CVL News

Seniors go to “camp” with iPads

June 13 | Dallas Business Journal

Exercise beats mind games for brain health

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